Nick & Serena
Salsa ~ Samba ~ Rueda
Nick & Serena have been dancing and teaching professionally since 2000. Their expertise has led them to focus on salsa dancing, most noticeably focusing on the recent Cuban wave of dance called Rueda, as well as reaching out past the Caribbean to Brazil, and the beautiful art of Samba dancing.

A wonderful addition to any event, they can teach, host, and mingle to create the right dance atmosphere for you, as well as give quick lessons to all the members of your party to unleash everyone?s inner dancer.

Besides performing and teaching as a couple, they also lead a brilliantly choreographed salsa dance company. Ideal for warming up crowds, breaking ice at any event, and teaching team building skills, Nick & Serena?s team of up to 8 dancers can light up any room and any size audience with their artistic dance moves, radiant personalities, and unassuming approachability.