La Familia Pena Govea
Ranchera ~ Polka ~ Boleros
Bandleader, arranger, trumpeter, accordionist, vocalist, and recording artist Miguel Govea offers the best in Latin music for any event. In the San Francisco Bay area for the last 25 years, he has led and accompanied various musical ensembles.

At one fateful performance, Miguel met a musician/lawyer named Susan Pena, who played Jesusita en Chihuahua on her fiddle and eventually became the mother of his daughters, Rene and Cecilia. 20 years later, the four members of La Familia Pena Govea are earning reputations as exciting performers of traditional Tex-Mex and Colombian music, garnering acclaim at festivals and events throughout Northern California. Their first c.d. recording, entitled Ren at 15, includes: rancheras, polkas, valses, vallenatos, boleros, and a danzon.
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