Oyé Productions delivers top quality, Live Music Productions for all occasions - corporate functions, weddings, fundraisers, holiday parties, birthdays, festivals or any other event you plan. Each event we plan and participate in, from an intimate home setting to a grand ballroom, is treated with utmost care. Our professional production staff is trained in music event planning and have years of professional music experience.

Oyé Productions is the leading source of Bay Area Live Music and Entertainment, specializing in Latin & World styles. We have a wide variety of artists to choose from including: Fito Reinoso y su Ritmó y Armonía, a top-notch Cuban band playing the classic Cuban son, music typical of Buena Vista Social Club, as well as popular modern Cuban salsa; Gabriel and Eddy Navia, a world class father-son Latin Guitar Duo – Eddy is a master and legendary Bolivian Charango player and is a founding member of the Bolivian super group Sukay; if you have an anniversary or birthday bash to plan, check out Rumbaché, the premier Latin Salsa Band of the Bay Area that can also funk it up!, or The Sonando Project, a unique blend of modern Jazz and Afro-Caribbean traditions.

And you can pair Oyé Productions' amazing musical selections with traditional Cuban Cigar Rolling. A live cigar roller can show up to your event and roll cigars right in front of your guests! Extremely popular at golf tournaments, weddings (especially as a surprise for the groom!), and corporate functions, Oyé Productions can specialize a cigar package for your event. Personalized cigar bands can also be ordered for that extra special touch.

               Oyé Productions is the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier provider for Live Bands, Wedding Ceremony and Cocktail/Dinner music, DJ’s, Cigar Rollers, Salsa Dancers, and Ethnic Dance Troupes. Oyé Productions artists are diverse and incorporate many styles, including:


                                                            Salsa & Cuban Bands


                             Rumbaché                           Fito Reinoso



                              Flamenco & Latin Guitar                                                              photo

                          Gabriel Navia                       Daniel Maya



                                      Dance Lessons & Performances


                                     Salsa                                      Samba



                           Mariachi & Mexican Regional


                      Mariachi Jalisco                    Dr. Loco 


Always courteous, professional, and open to work within your budget,

Oyé Productions can make your event a joy for all involved.

Make it special, make it fun, and make it enjoyable.